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Our costs for the 23/24 regular season are estimated at $8,700, with an additional $6,400 required if (when) we make the World Championship in Texas. As all members of SaMoTech, including coaches and mentors, serve as unpaid volunteers, every donation will be used to cover practical expenses such as robot components, control systems, tools, registration fees, as well as marketing and travel/transport expenses. Any surplus funds will go to support SaMoTech’s future FIRST seasons or will be donated to other FTC teams in need. Donations to SaMoTech can be made through SaMoTech Booster Club, a 501c3 non-profit charity. Donations are typically 100% tax deductible in the US. Thank you for any consideration you may give to supporting our team.

Sponsor Us

If you or your company has interest in sponsoring SaMoTech, please contact us at


We would be proud to include your company’s name and/or logo as our sponsor on all promotional materials including on our website, social media accounts, team banner and t-shirts worn at all competitions. The size and placement of the name/logo will be dependent on the number of sponsors we require and will reflect their relative contributions. We also welcome any discussion on how else we could show our thanks. If you would like more information, including a detailed budget, please contact us at any time. We welcome questions about our team, the competition, and about how your company might help these inspirational students.


Your contributions will fund not just SaMoTech’s sophomore season but will also provide the foundation for our members to pursue their engineering dreams through all 4 years of high school. It is also our long-term hope to have such undeniable success in the FIRST competitions that it will compel our local public school system to establish robotics teams for credit as many private and some public schools across the country have already done.

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our main sponsors of our 2023-2024 season, ZipRecruiter, Boeing, and Rotary Club of Santa Monica along with supporting sponsors, Yahoo, Panasonic, and Czeh for their generous support. Your contributions made SaMoTech possible and have allowed us to pursue our interests in robotics and engineering. We greatly appreciate your belief in us and the opportunities you have provided.

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